Tuesday, July 6, 2010

With that Apron

Since I made that apron I needed an event to give it to my 12th sister in law. So I threw her a shower, wow those are a lot of work, I'm glad my mom helped. I baked sugar cookies for the shower, because she likes sugar cookies, she also likes lime green and high heals. Her name starts with a B. While preparing for the shower I made a practice batch of cookies they were a disaster, if you follow my twitter you will know I tweeted a lot about those disaster cookies, I realized during the real batch that I used granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar. Makes a BIG difference, good thing I got it right for the real thing. In all truth I made sugar cookies a lot, this wasn't a beginner's mistake it was just a slip of the mind.
My mom made some mini cheesecakes, while other people luckily brought other things, not shown. It was a fun shower, with good food (ask my cousin). Don't you just love white daisies?
Here is the bride to be, which is now actually married, I have been very busy since the shower with wedding and family stuff. All seven of my siblings were together for the first time in five years.

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