Friday, July 16, 2010

For an Old Roommate/ I love Toile

When you get married as young as I did you have few roommates in your past, and like anyone else you have fewer roommates that you have any interest in getting a facebook message from a five years down the road.  Well one of my roommates is have her first baby soon, and since I was invited but I won't be attending her baby shower, I decided to send her a blanket anyway.
I have no idea if those materials match, but I like it.  I had a hard time with material for a boy.  My old friend probably would have like something blue but none of the nursery calico were on sale, all the rest of the bolts, but none of the nursery.  So I picked this cowboy toile, I have loved this material for months and so I got it. I love any and all toile.
Who knows if she will like it, it clearly is boy, but who knows, I barely even know her anymore.  I doubt the girl she was six years ago is still her, but none the less she got a blanket.  I wondered why... when I was sewing.  And I thought I hated college, I hated being single in college, and if nothing else she was there during a really rotten year of my life.  No I did not get married to not be single, I got married because I fell in love with my platonic best friend who happened to be a boy.  The added bonus was I no longer had to be single. Doesn't that deserve a blanket?  She slipped me a note under my door one night, saying sorry other other roommate was being so pyscho.  And that just like the road not taken, has made all the difference.
Please admit it, those cowboys are cute!

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