Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween '12 Costume #3

The fox.
After my daughter was a cat her first halloween, I've taken over her cat ears. The family seems to think it is fun that I'm "dressed up".  Well this year, after I saw this adorable costume on etsy, and thought wouldn't it be cute if someone in my family was a fox.  Then I decided it fit with the woodland theme, of grass, a gnome, and a fairy. So I decided I would dress up like a fox.  I have to admit I'm embarrassed posting a picture of my Halloween costume.  It was convenient I made a costume this year, because my husband and I went to a Halloween party.  He stuck with the theme, and dressed up as a backpacker, best part he needed no new supplies.  (We didn't actually take our children to the party.) Unfortunately he changed before I got a picture of us together.
Cost of the costume:
$3 for an orange shirt
$ .46 on felt
$2.68 for a pack of headbands, most of which are now my daughter's I only needed one

 I made the famous pinterest scarf, for my costume. I used the whole shirt for my costume except for one sleeve.

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