Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween '12 Costume #1

Costume #1 for the season is a flower fairy. 
Very fitting because she is currently working at pronouncing her 'F's in speech therapy.  Sometimes I wonder why I make homemade costumes.  When I asked my husband he told me I enjoyed it.  
 Flower Crown
The best thing is the costume was almost free, all I spent was a $1 on felt for the crown, and $2 on the wire for the shape of the crown.  The shirt and lace was all given to us.  I bought the material for the tutu last year. The wand was left over from her birthday party last year, that I changed up.
I used this tutorial for the roses. Lesson learned the hard way, mechanical pencils are hard to write on felt with, use a traditional pencil.

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