Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Stocking

When I am great with child, as I currently am, I have to make my unborn baby a stocking.  I just can't let them be stocking less until the next year.  (The only other time I was great with child over christmas was 8 years ago with my first.) By christmas I'll only have 6 weeks left, let me assure you, this baby is a living presence in our lives.  He effects everything we do, so he needs a stocking, even though he doesn't get any gifts.
This red is a deeper red than it looks in the picture.  That's what you get when you are lazy and use cell phone pictures.  Second, I bought this material years and years and years ago, and still love it, so I used it for my baby.  The trim is yellow chevron, so it will one day be out of fashion. But it matches so well.
 Here's all six stockings.  I don't plan the materials at all, but I realized they match quite well with each other.
I probably have a name picked out, but I'm not committed enough to embroiderer it on this year.
P.S. Aren't my Jim Shore Santas cute? My mom and I went a little overboard one year.

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