Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pink Princess Tea Party

My daughter turned 5 which I just can't believe.  She is my baby! My oldest should be five not her.  This year we did a friend party, for the party we had a pink princess tea party.  With mini tea cups.
The day before I realized other than the table setting for the tea party we really didn't have any decorations so I made a bunting at the last minute.  To wish the princess Happy birthday.
 We also played pin the crown on the royalty. Turns out fan art is the best play to find free printables.

 The bunting with the table set.
 We had mini cupcakes so they fit on the mini plates.
 I made mini felt crowns for the girls.
 And we invited two boys, so we dressed them up as knights/kings.  I made these covers for them.  I didn't sew, I just cut the apron to the right size, and then cut out a fleur de lis out of felt and glue gunned it on.  It was quite easy, and my favorite craft of the party.  The boys love them.  I also made a foam duct tape sword for each boy.  (My son the model didn't come to the party.)
I will also add the boys LOVED the tea party as much as the girls, what is not to love about mini cups of water and mini cupcakes? We also played Don't Eat Pete Princess style.

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