Sunday, December 22, 2013


I'm not sure this is a craft but that's beside the point.

 I grew up reading a christmas story every night during December.  I've always want to carry on the tradition, but do a terrible job.  The only other year I came close was the year my son found a non-fiction christmas section in a collected works, and we slowly read it to him, but not my daughter she was already asleep. Non-fiction christmas speculation is painfully boring, like what star the wiseman might have seen, and why we have christmas trees.
Anyway, so thanks to pinterest, I decided to wrap up a book for each night of the month, hoping we would read a christmas story.  It isn't quite panning out like I envisioned, but I guess its as good as it gets.  My son reads to my daughter by themselves each night and I can't even hear the story.  But this is what my wrapping looks like.
I printed out numbers for the month, used used craft paper from amazon packing, with green crepe paper.  I really quite love it.

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