Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Wreath

Well Christmas is over, and so now its time to get ready for the next celebration, my anniversary.  Ok, its not much of a celebration for my husband and I.  But I do switch from my christmas wreath to a winter wreath. (Next year I think my christmas wreath needs a update, after three years its looking sad.) Snowflakes was a theme of our wedding, so last year I made this wreath, to carry us in-between Christmas to valentines. But the wreath was all wrong. Its for a place covered in snow, and the snow here when it does come melts quickly, because its so sunny and dry.  I saw this wreath and this wreath on pinterest and came up with this new wreath by taking apart two wreaths.  So it was FREE!
I really like the the rosettes on the snowflakes. (Which was not my idea but came from one of the pinterest wreaths.)
 Since I had a white bouquet of roses for my wedding, and then the snowflake theme.

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