Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anniversary Wreath

I love Christmas decorations, but usually my husband and are ready for them to go December 26th.  Yes, we put them away the day after.  There was a few years I put everything away the day we left town before Christmas.  Anyway, so its nice to have a clean clutter free house after Christmas, but it is also a little lonely, especially on my door. But I can't bear to stare at Valentine's stuff for a month and half so everything looks bare for two or three weeks.  Last year I really wanted to make an anniversary wreath/January wreath, but that just wasn't going to happen after the exhaustion of the holidays. 
 So that is what I did last week!  I made an anniversary wreath! 

 Our anniversary is December 30th, and we had blue and white snowflake theme.  I made the wreath with tulle, it will be great for the last week of December and the beginning of January.  (If you want to know how to make a tulle wreath go here, but pretty much its a tutu on a wreath.  I used a white wreath form since I used white tulle. I bought two and half yards of tulle I think )
It led to exciting developments, my friend saw my wreath, and she said learned from her mother in law to leave the snowman decorations up in January, so things don't look too bare.  How exciting to have January deco... I can't wait.  I'll have to make a snowman craft after I finish Halloween costumes, because I don't craft in January.

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