Friday, September 28, 2012

Last Summer Blankets

About three weeks after my baby was born, my friend had the last of the summer babies.  I made the other three girls I knew who had summer babies blankets so I figured I should make the last of the summer babies a blanket.  The gender was a surprise until he was born.  She had a boy, and I made this blanket.
 Close up, I love the barn wood material and the tiny stars.  I love this blanket. This is the first blanket I sewed along the middle instead of using ties.  It was easy since the blanket is covered in lines.
Oh and it turns out I never posted the picture of my baby's cousin's blanket.  Brent's sister had a baby like three days after us.  But as a disclaimer I have an obsession with making Brent's nephews rooster blankets.  Brent's family likes to keep their own chickens, so I can't resist.  Brent is planning to get chickens in the spring, so we'll see how that goes...
Back to the blanket.
 Ignore the chalk around my embroidery, I'm sure it came off when my sister in law washed the blanket.  Plus I thought this might match her rooster lamp.
By the way my baby and my sister in law's baby were the last of the babies for my mother in law this year.  She got four grandbabies this year, it seems like a lot! Lucky her.
On to the winter babies....

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