Friday, September 21, 2012

Freaky Friday Wreath

I am the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator in my ward (church congregation).  I was afraid when my bishopric member (assistant pastor) said that, I was afraid it would involve asking people to say prayers.  Apparently being ward prayer spotlight coordinator has scarred me for life. 
Turns out it is the new name of Enrichment leader. What do I do as Enrichment leader?  I don't know... the presidency seems to plan everything...  But am in charge of a craft for Super Saturday, except its on Friday night.  Its not called Freaky Friday no matter what my brain tells me, I eventually can remember its Fantastic Friday.  This is the wreath I came up with, its loosely based on this wreath, that hangs on my front door.  All year long women have told me, we should make this for Super Saturday.  But I had to modify it, I wanted easy flowers everyone could make and I wasn't about to try to help people modge podge letters, while juggling a baby. 
Here is a great tutorial on how to make the rosettes.

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