Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pillows Pillows Pillows

I'm always making new slip covers for my pillows aren't I? How do you other people handle your boredom? The best pillow is a new slip cover that cost zero dollars.
If I bought all my pillows I think my husband would ban them from my budget.

We redid our living room floors, and so I needed new pillows.
 I went with traditional pillow covers this time, mostly because they were the texture I wanted and the colors. I don't love the floral but the colors were right!
(You know how magazines and pinterest have their couches filled with pillows, well they do look great that way, but they annoy my husband to the high heavens, for a while I didn't care, then I decided it was his house too.)
My pillows actually weren't free I spent $5 on WAY too much floral fabric for a different craft I never did. Then I spent $1.50 on trim to make my home pillow. At first I wanted to make a "be nice" because I tell my children that all day long, before they go to school, while they are at home with their family, etc etc, but be nice was too many characters.
 I also added a deer to the front of my polka dot pillow. I guess I should have a close up of it... My brain is out to lunch. It never came home from vacation in Spain.
I was hesitant about the deer, because I didn't want it to be christmasy, but I don't think it is, its rustic, and with as much oak as my house has that I'm not replacing, I feel like my house is rustic, since we live so close to the mountains.
(Best part of that picture, I'm always keeping it real, ideally I would have hidden my broken laundry basket full of fleece blankets. Didn't even realize.)

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