Thursday, October 14, 2010

Witch Plaque

I guess I have affinity for witches.  I found this collection, and loved this tutorial, and ended up making this. I absolutely love its, its probably my favorite thing of the year. I just found this picture on google images, I'm sorry to the people, who posted a picture of their grandmas and I defaced it, but they bring me great joy. The  tutorial, also linked to some great vintage clip art blogs, The Graphics Fairy, and Magic Moonlight.
My husband gave me a lot of design advice, for whatever reason, we sort of worked on it together.  If he wouldn't have helped me it would have added ridiculous ribbon, sparkles, rhinestones, drawn spiders crawling along the outside, drawn stars, some more bats.  But my husband understand the adage less is more, and steered me away from childishness as he described it.  It would have been over the top and cute, and included a purple plaid witch hat but this turned out perfect too. I love it. It looks like evidence to convict four poor women in Salem.
While I picked up my son from preschool, my husband worked on one of his own. He used a frame that was already on the wall, and just flipped the photo over.  I loved what he did, spotted it the minute I walked in.  But it needed a new background, so I added the scrapbook paper.  Part of me thinks it needs more like a huge spider, but part of me wants to keep it the way my husband did it.

Can you believe it too close to Halloween to buy Halloween ribbon?  I went to at least three stores, and couldn't find any! All sold out of the year.

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