Friday, October 22, 2010

My Gnome

We made the hood of red riding hood first. It was adorable on my daughter. She looked like a gnome, if I have another boy one day, he is so being a gnome for halloween the first year he can walk. She loved the hood, unfortunately she doesn't like the cape.
Sometimes I wonder if we were crazy making the cape, and should have just gone with a gnome for Nan?  Normally I'm not one for baby photography, but seriously baby girl gnomes are dang cute. Its official no matter what gender I have next, the baby will be a gnome.
Look how happy she is as a gnome, she just needs pants in a different color.
We used Martha Stewart's instructions to make the hood. Can I put this here? Hopefully, so I can get it printed for my copies, so I can make them one day again.
Cape How-ToThis cape should fall just below the hip. You will need red pinwale corduroy, red cotton broadcloth for lining, and 1 yard red double-fold bias tape. Make the cape according to the basic directions.
1. Make the hood: Cut a rectangle 25 inches long and at least 11 inches wide from both corduroy and lining remnants. Fold each in half crosswise as shown, and stack. Mark a point 10 inches from the left along the fold, and one 6 inches from the left along the bottom; draw a line from the top point to the bottom one. Pin layers together, and cut along the line (discard the remnant to the right).

2. Unfold and stack so that right sides are facing; pin in place. Stitch together along the long straight edge. Turn inside out so that wrong sides are facing and seam is concealed.

3. Fold in half end to end with the lining facing out; stitch along the angled edge as shown.

4. Turn hood corduroy side out and open. Align the bottom edge of the hood with the neckline of the cape as shown, corduroy sides facing; pin, and baste in place. Center the strip of double-fold bias tape on the neck, and fold it over raw edges; pin, and sew it in place.

Read more at Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Costumes - Martha Stewart Crafts 

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