Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Frame

I love cutesy holiday frames, but I never buy them, because what year to display there is so much fun each year, I can't single out one year. Then I found this tutorial, and made this. (just realized, most of these "tutorials" aren't tutorials, I thought people posted their crafts here so people would copy them.)
I am so in love with it, my shiren to my homemade halloween costumes. There is even a spot for this years picture of the kids being ghosts this year. (By the way, I made a mistake. Something is upside down, I didn't know it had a direction. Oops.)
Did you want close ups?  Yes, even my husband's ghost busters costume made it, heck we won trip to the movies with that idea. Somewhere I have candy corn stickers, they would made a great addition, we are big fans of candy corn and those pumpkins.
I bought a "distressed ink pad" in the scrapbooking section of the store for distressing paper and such, I love it, I used it on everything. It was so fun to make. J loves the distressed ink pad too.
Here is the end of my halloween decorations for the year. Yeah, that flat surface is never that clean. I love that cat, I carried it back from Texas.

Since this is the end of halloween maybe.  I just need to post one last thing from that blog party, I think this costume idea is so cute, and that is actually a tutorial.

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