Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everything Ghost

Its everything ghost in our house this October.  The year of the ghost.  So when were asked to bring 15 small things to share with all of J's classmates for Halloween, I remembered kleenex ghosts. Sure its hardly an original craft, but he is young so its new to him.  He had fun making them for his friends.

He drew spooky faces all of them. He also drew blood all over his kleenex ghost but not his friends, because it is so spooky and he didn't want to scare them.  His dad and I thought that was very respectful of him. 
In our small bag of of tootsie roll halloween candy we only had 10 lollipops, so we just tied kleenex to the large tootsie rolls, it worked fine.
He also drew fifteen pictures of spiderwebs and other spooky things to give to his classmates, drawing the pictures was his idea.

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