Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reject Costume

The second to last texas craft, is a white tutu that I made for my almost two year old. I was going to go with a tutu ghost. She was going to be themed with her brother. She loved the tutu until she got close, then would scream. It looks so pretty though. I changed, in my hearts of hearts, if I had only one costume to dress a daughter up in, I would pick a red cape for little red riding hood. Who knows I might never have an almost two year old daughter again, and almost three year old kids, are opinionated. (Well so are two year olds, they just don't have the communication skills, required to get out of little red riding hood.)

Although I knew how to make a tutu, my mom likes directions, so I googled it. I found this video extremely helpful.  I liked how she said to roll up the tulle before cutting, such a great idea. She said roll up a yard of tulle and cut each inch.

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