Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Super Capes

This is the third to last texas project I will post. While visiting my mom in Texas in August, she helped me make capes. We made a Super J cape.  J picked out the colors, lets just say I was right when I told his preschool teacher his two very favorite colors where blue and yellow.
He likes to run "super fast".  He also picked out the patterned material for the J symbol, and he wanted a diamond shape.  
We found the tutorial here. We needed a cape, so he didn't have to use baby blankets anymore.
Then we made a birthday cape for the friend that introduced J to wearing blankets as capes.  That is a B for the friends name, not birthday.  I wasn't in attendance at the party so I have no idea if the friend liked it.

Part of me wants to make a princess cape for Nan baby, I already have the material and everything, but the other part of me knows, I should wait.

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