Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Riding Hood Finished

My mom and I finished the cape. Here were the directions we used.  It is not the most adorable thing you have ever seen? The dress was a handme down from a lady in my apartment complex who I've only talk to twice and don't even know her name. Is that not most perfect dress?
Here is her treat bag. I sweet basket that should hold grandma's muffins.

Unfortunately like I mentioned she is scared of the cape.  I have printed off countless pictures of red riding hood and hung them at her eye level telling her this is a picture of Nan Baby. The best pictures my far to print were from The Project Gutenberg Story Time. I also hung the costume in her room for her to see, asking if she wants to wear it.  When she tells me no, I say ok, you don't have to but when you wear it you get a treat.

Did I mention I'm dressing up as grandma, and my husband the wolf.
Teen wolf that is.... when I told him he was dressing up as a wolf, he said teen wolf?  I said sure, until I saw the pictures, now I don't know.  I was picturing a wolf dressed in 80s clothes, not a planet of the ape in a 80s jean jacket.

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