Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Last Pillow

Remember these two pillows?
And then this one, and that one and this one?

Well I had one more pillow form waiting, waiting for six months for me to finish it.

My husband asked why are you making another pillow? We don't need another pillow, which he had a point. All of our pillows are always on the floor because we have three kids and kids have a radar in their head that says, what a pillow is on the couch I better throw it on the ground. I can only assume that radar is connected to the radar that says, what a book is on the ground let me go out of my way to jump on it.

Also when lots of family members sit on the couch there are too many pillows, but if dad or mom lays on the ground then heaven forbid each person doesn't have their own pillow on the floor to lay with. So reason speaks we should have six pillows. Which we now have!

But really I made the last pillow because I had the form waiting and waiting and waiting. It was taking up valuable craft space and so I figured the last form should be downstairs taking up my husband's valuable couch space instead of my craft space...
He honestly didn't think this was a valid argument. But my 8 year old and 5 year old absolutely love the new pillow. Which is funny because I really don't.

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