Tuesday, October 7, 2014

O the Owl Costume

 With scraps I had laying around the house over the weekend I decided to make my baby an O the Owl hat for a Halloween costume.
Here is what O looks like on TV.
I thought it would be cute for Ikey because A loves to dress up as Daniel Tiger.
Why would I buy my two year old/third child a Halloween costume when he loves to play dress up with what we have? For all you lacking in PBS children's programming, here is Daniel Tiger. He is the son of Daniel Stripe Tiger from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

Seriously my boy wears tiger pants half the week. Every so often he will stop playing look around then grab his tail and say, "There it is" The pants were handme downs and since he wears them so much I'm worried they will wear out before Halloween.
I meant to make the owl hat big enough to fit the two year old, but once I added the lining it didn't work. A was not so pleased his baby brother was the model and since it didn't fit him very well he decided Cheese the bear should wear the hat. My two year old named his teddy bear Cheese. I guess we know his favorite food.
Maybe after Halloween I'll take out the lining, or after it doesn't fit the baby anymore.

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  1. How creative. This is adorable! Any chance you'd sell the hat if it no longer fits your little one?