Friday, October 31, 2014

Wait there is More

I think my daughter had buyer's remorse with Izzy.  When she picked Izzy she told me she picked her because next year she would be too old for the show Jake and the Neverland pirates. She wanted to be Izzy last year then switched to the wedding dress. She dressed up as Izzy for trunk or treat at our local YMCA. Four days later when we went to the trunk or treat at our church she wanted to be something else. Her daddy was being silly in the costume box and it thrilled and inspired her. I'm sure the massive amounts of Elsas at the trunk or treat at the Y didn't help. So she went hunting in her princess dresses. At first she settled on Rapunzel, but then she didn't like that her hair wasn't long enough, so she picked out one of her favorite and most rattiest dresses. Barbie dreamland or something. I said, really, what about a different dress, she said well I wanted to be sleeping beauty because we have the same color hair. I said you have a pink princess dress she said oh yeah, and went put it on. I think she had fun being yet another costume. But once again since its PINK its pretty wore down, not as bad as barbie. With her school Halloween party coming up, I wanted her to have a nice dress to wear. So I conned her into going back to Rapunzel. I told her Rapunzel's hair is short in the end, and I offered to make her a new crown. I wanted her to be happy with her costume against the ten or so other Elsas that will be in kindergarten.
This picture channel's the Rapunzel punk rocker fan art.
 Even though we have already have a Rapunzel Crown, I channeled the flowers in her braid for this crown.
(Who knew Flynn had such meaty hands? kind of gross.)

 I kind of hate the whole thing, especially the big bow, she loves the big bow. I made it kind of too small, I'm really quite mad at myself. It took me practically all day (the day before Halloween) to make, minus when I was mopping up after my leaky dishwasher. (bleh) I hate last minute.

Cost: $2 for baby's breath silk flowers
I could have made flower that small, but I needed plastic stems. After I finished, I totally could have skipped the baby's breath.
ARG! I'm so mad its almost too small.
P.S. I don't push my daughter into princess costumes. Overall I'm not a princess dress up girl, but she LOVES them.

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