Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Last Halloween Costume

My baby boys were so adorable in their coordinating costumes, I decided I want to match with them for our church's Trunk or Treat.
I was Katerina Kitty Cat (that's Henrietta Pussycat's daughter).
Those ears were very difficult. I used felt, glue and my daughter's headband.
I went through all the effort of matching with my babies then took a low quality photo. :(
I originally had a bow on my ears but I felt silly. I also wore  jeans instead of a dress because I'm not a prissy as Katerina. I even had a tail which you can't see. I wanted to be as awesome as Turbo with my tail..
Cost: Free

In case you haven't made a running total of the price this year it was a good year.
$0 - J
$1 - N
$0 - A
$3 - I
$0 - me

$4 is a very good year

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