Friday, October 3, 2014

Baby Costume

Just thought you should know if my baby was a girl he would be dressed up in a candy corn outfit.
And heck it would be cutest pillowcase dress and had you've ever seen. But he's not, he's a boy and I honestly have no idea what he is going to be.
This is not my dress or creation, I found it on pinterest.

Not having a costume idea is normal for most but heck we are three days into the month I should have this planned.
This is like a repeat of his name, after two boys I ran out of ideas that didn't start with a J, N, Z, A or B. (Sure I could have listed L, but heck there were no boy names I liked with L.) I could list a half a dozen J and A names I love.
After two boys I've run out of ideas, a dinosaur, a rhino, a gnome, Harry and Ron. Really what else is there? A skeleton that's what, but I couldn't find his size in PJs that I thought were cute. I didn't want to waste money on a costume that couldn't be reused in some way. Can you believe the stores are almost all sold out of Halloween clothes/pjs? Two days before October, and the stores were sold out, when I asked about sizing, the merchants looked at me like I was crazy for expecting his size on September 29th.

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