Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Middle Three

Turns out I never blogged about my new couch pillows, apparently I was always expected to finish my last and waited until I finished the last pillow.

Remember the fiasco that was my May? Well the deal was my husband was suppose to watch the kids on Saturdays while I sewed my pillows BEFORE he went to Guatemala. If he was going to be gone for 10 days without cell service, I at least wanted to love my pillows. (I also got a new mattress for my bed.)

So in April I made three pillows.
This is how my children took to arranging them this summer. They only had to arrange the pillows three or so times a day since they were constantly throwing them on the ground, as previously discussed. They would have to clean the living room before any request was granted.
Here is my low light close ups. I would tell you this one is my favorite, but then I would have to say this about ever one, except for the one I just finished...
 Everyone loves these goldfish. I get so many complements on this pillow. Its to make up for the fact that I am so busy keeping my children alive I can't even bare to take care of a fish!
 I have had this material SO long waiting for me to make something with it. It was good, I won't go into any detail but I needed to make this pillow so I could move on.
 All my couch pillows, I think my kids have a better arrangement with only three. I really don't like my newest pillow, I love the material, but its just not right.

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