Tuesday, October 28, 2014

O the Owl

If my two year old was Daniel Tiger I wanted my baby to have a coordinating costume, so I picked O the Owl. For all you old school Mister Roger's Neighborhood fans, O is X the Owl's nephew. Daniel Tiger is the son of Daniel Stripe Tiger.
The Inspiration:
 Words can describe how much I love this O costume on my 8 month old! And to think I wasn't going to make him a costume! It was very hard to find a turquoise shirt for him, but I eventually found a short sleeve one at walmart with a large graphic on the front. So I sewed feathers all over the graphic. Still it was a short sleeve, I had some left over legs from my daughter's green turquoise leggings that I had made into cut off Bermuda shorts. I made the legs skinnier then sewed them on the arms.  Then lastly I added wings on top.

Cost: $4 for the onesies. The fleece was all leftover from who knows what.


  1. Any chance you would share the pattern for the O hat? My daughter 18 months is going as O and I love this hat.

    1. Sorry, I just looked at pictures of other owl hats and made it up as I went along.