Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birthday Crown

I've made a few birthday crowns over the years, although I can't find pictures of all of them at this time.
Here are a few of them: Birthday Boy, CupcakePinkalicious- that I've since picked out and written Princess Natalie, Tulle,  Buttons
 A few months ago a friend's daughter had a birthday.  I made her this for my daughter to give her.  A few years ago we gave the older sister a crown. I wanted this to look different than the last which had tulle. I picked the fabric because I thought it was so pretty.  She likes purple, but also it was a Frozen party, so I figured blue was fitting. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with a way for her name to be that visible through the pattern. :(
My daughter wouldn't pose for me, so I used my 20 month old son.  What a mean mom I am. In my defense my oldest son has a crown, just not a girl crown.
 Look how cute he is, with his brown eyes, his ears folded over and tongue sticking out.
I wanted the crown to be just as pretty as a tulle crown, so I used REAL pearls on it.  I'm not sure if I achieved what I was aiming for.

 Does it channel any Frozen? Its at least the right color scheme.

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