Monday, June 14, 2010

Calico Eggs

Instead of making my children a stove, I bought them a wooden one while their dad was a business trip. I'm not a much of a DIYer with furniture, unfortunately I lose interest during the sanding which is why I didn't try. I'm in the process of making cupcakes for them, which are surprisingly very tricky, so I switched to eggs, eggs were easy. Then I was able to switch back to the cupcakes and figure them out. My eggs look totally homemade, in a bad way, its really hard to sew circles but none the less, my children and I see sewing projects as love. We all love these eggs.

By the way if you think the eggs look bad and I can't sew circles just wait until you see the cupcakes, they are tragic, they are so angular, but yet we love them just the same. Circles are hard! After buying the stove I couldn't bare to spend more money on toys for it, so I found my smallest pot and my smallest fry pan and lent them on long time loan. The pot fits great, the fry pan is a little large, we already had a tea set. I have a cupcake tray for 6 instead of twelve and it fits quite nicely inside the oven so I figured no need to buy toy cupcakes. Although I will always have fond memories of my fisher price cupcakes from the late 80s.


  1. Oh my word, I'm in love with this!
    My kids would love this, I need to get crafty, I just cannot go to a craft store for less than $20 and it kills me! any cheap crafting tips??

  2. Oh I am the same way except with $30 which is a down grade from two years ago when it was $40. I have no cheap crafting tips other than saving material? That's not a tip. Limiting the amount of times you are allowed to go to the craft store? No joke I put limits on myself. Making things, through sewing and such use to be what people did because they couldn't afford to buy. Now we are globalized, it cheaper to buy a finished product. I craft because I love it and it relaxes me, not because its cheaper. Which is why I don't sew my son clothes. But since I sew so much, I have lots of material scraps left over, that I'm using for these projects.