Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beautiful Frosting

I'm pretty sure there are few things as beautiful in the world as white frosting. What did I do with such pretty white frosting you make ask?
Turned it muddy brown purple for bunnies. Few things in our life is as important as old bunny, so I bought a carrot cookie cutter to complement an Easter bunny. The funny thing is, the other day in the store I was trying to buy lime green frosting dye, when my son asked for brown. I said no, and thought brown is ugly. He said I like brown, he does old bunny is brown, his eyes are brown, his hair is brown. I said I can make brown, a few aisles later I thought hmm, I can't make brown, I can only make various shades of ugly purple hues. I didn't turn around, maybe one day I will buy brown dye if I can remember. He didn't seem to notice the ugly purple hue, he keeps telling me these cookies are very special to me. I can only share them with aunts, and cousins, and etc (listing off every other relative, but never friends).

I kind of agree, I might love them as much as my four year old. Its hard not to eat them while he is asleep. Its soo much easier to eat a pretty cookie.

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