Monday, June 21, 2010

Never Posted

My mom made a beautiful blessing dress for my daughter. She was a Christmas baby, hence her first name (origins of Nativity), and she was blessed in the month of December. So I had my mom put holly berries on her dress. I wanted to display the dress. I got a shadow box frame on sale at Michaels. I love it, my husband says it looks like she is dead. I like the heirloom effect.

I displayed it so she would have a reference point in life. I hope it points to wear she has been, she came from Heaven, a blessing in her mom and dad's lives. She was given A Name and A Blessing in (mostly) white, by her dad. And odds are it will be one of three white dresses for her, so it will point to where she is going. Most Mormons have seen a three white dresses bookmark, I've always thought the picture on that was ugly, but I guess I got the idea of framing the dress from that? I don't really know. Then once I read the poem, I thought that was silly. But still none the less, I hope my daughter has three white dresses. Even if she never gets married, I hope she still chooses the religion I've chosen and one day attends the temple.
I love the little slippers even if they were silly and didn't stay on her feet.

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