Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not Yo-Yos

I recently realized my cousin counts me as one of her "very talented friends" on her blog, I felt so honored. Then one day I went to see what her other talented friends could make. I found this page about yo-yos on little girls shirts. Much cuter than the yo-yo pillows my old Merrie Miss teacher use to make when I was 11. (Merrie Miss was an outside of church activity group for 10-11 year old LDS girls that was renamed probably about 1996). The blog made fun and trendy yo-yos, instead of the old and 70sish yo-yos that I remember. I decided I should add some yo-yos to a blah pale pink shirt my daughter has. The results were less than successful, although I'm not done trying. No pictures of my failures. The blog with the yo-yo shirts led me here for a tutorial on yo-yos. The tutorial was made by a family friend of my husband's family, or at least a my mother in law's friend's daughter in law, or brother in law's friend's wife. So I scrolled around on her blog a bit. (I have never met the woman before, or any of the family friends that my husband's family grew up with.) Bare with me this blog is almost coming to a point. I found another flower fabric tutorial, so I now know how to make THREE. Here are my results, with left over baby blanket long skinny scraps.
I know I should probably pulled off the straggly strings but I liked them. Is my button vintage? I bought in in large stapled bags with other random buttons from this ghetto sewing store in Torrence, CA with my sister in law. Some of the stuff in that store has inches of dust, and some of it super great finds, and I'm sure some is new too. I have no idea the history of this button, but I doubt its for sale at my local chain fabric store that is for sure.
My son was a little jealous he never gets flowers, so I pulled out this soccer scrap, not that I need a masculine flower for him, just I'm sick of these soccer scraps. I don't even like this material, my husband asked me to make a baby blanket for a friend of his boy, I said I don't know their personalities for material. He said get something soccer like, then I found this material.
This button might also be vintage if you count 80s plastic as vintage? Also included in those large dusty bags. There are quite a few plastic brass looking buttons, its my son's dream come true. I think the plastic brass is truly tacky.

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