Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter in my house

My sister sent me these peep bunnies a few years ago. I love them, they are so soft. I love edible peeps, especially stale.

I went to three different stores and spend hours on the internet for this easter bunny. I love him, but he was expensive so I had to think about buying him for a long time. That's why I had to drive to three different stores, by the time I decided I needed him, I had to search because other people liked him too. He not only looks so springy but he looks so classic to me.

These are the easter baskets my son picked out. They small which is good, and they were cheap. I think $2 a piece.
This is my chick dressed up like a bunny, that I begged my mother to let me have instead of having it at her house. Turns out they are selling this year at walmart for $2.50. I guess I didn't have to beg so much.

This is my other bunny, which I spent $2.50. He is my resin chocolate bunny. I actually don't like eating chocolate bunnies, but these resin things are all the rage this year. He is only about 4 inches tall, perfect size, any bigger and he would be gaudy.

As you can tell we love holidays in our house, at least I do.
When I told my husband what the easter bunny was getting for my son, he said why are you turning Easter into a present holiday? I said because it is, its a holiday, all holidays should be present holidays. Why didn't you get me anything for Martin Luther King Day?
I was raised believing easter was a present holiday.
But not a big present holiday, just a present under 10 bucks, and some candy.


  1. Once my birthday fell on Easter Sunday and I got a present from the Easter Bunny, other than that it was all about candy, and really truly having to find your basket. For some reason the malt ball eggs were in high demand in our youth, now I can barely stomach them. I don't think anyone ever actually ate the peeps.

    On Etsy the other day there were some cloth easter eggs that were stuffable, they were really cool. I think it's too late for me to make them this year, but I might do it next year.

  2. OH bunny celebrating is all about the presents when he comes to our house. We go crazy with presents and candy. I tell myself each year that the bunny is not allowd to buy too much or go crazy but each year over board again! I love Easter. This year we will celebrate on Saturday and try to keep Sunday more Christ Centered. We will see...
    I love the chick/bunny.

  3. My mom has some crochet chickens that fit easter eggs inside, and inside the easter egg is a baby chick. They are so cute. I want to steal them from her. I should post pictures of those. If I knew how to crochet they would be good things to sell on etsy.

  4. Pretty cool looking book collection, too.