Friday, November 6, 2015

One More Skylander

The night before the Halloween Carnival/Fall Festival my husband says as we are falling asleep, I wonder what I should dress up as?
The next day it came to me. Since this was my daughter's first year of not wearing a girly costume, she was a little worried that girls wouldn't like her. (If I haven't ever mentioned I mostly hate girls.) So I thought her daddy matching with her would be a great confidence boost.
So I made him a Double Trouble Skylander Costume. Its a paper bag tiki mask.
I also made a scepter for him. I think this might have been his favorite part, but I can't tell you for sure, because we never discussed it.

I'm pretty sure he wore it for a grand total of 20 minutes. But I had fun putting it together for him and my daughter because it came together in less than an hour. 
 I got the idea from this blog.
P.S. My costume is BEYOND unflattering! :)

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