Friday, November 6, 2015

Not wanting my craft on

I've decided to make a few Christmas presents this year.
You may wonder why?
I've been thinking about the why, because I'm not very motivated this year.

1. Sometimes its just the right thing to do
2. It saves money, yes, sometimes homemade gifts are far cheaper
3. To build memories, yes, my children get so excited when I make thing for them

I started yesterday, I was so unmotivated. Beyond unmotivated. I realized in part I haven't been crafting because of my little boys, but also in part because it makes messes and I've lost interest in cleaning up messes. Four times a day is too much. That is my pre-craft amount of messes, I should be cleaning.

Instead I'll fold clothes the KonMari way. Weird huh? I use to think I hate laundry, but since its the only chore I can accomplish when I'm beyond depressed I think I might need to reframe my opinion. Plus the author is right there is something soothing about folding laundry her way. Although I will admit it does take longer. More time to watch TV. (Last year when book group had a poor amount of support, I suggested a Netflix group we all watch the same season of the same show and discuss it. People didn't like that idea, like they don't all netflix binge.)

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