Monday, November 2, 2015

Homemade Ninja Stealth Elf Halloween Costume

This past summer when my children got screen time everyday instead of once a week during the school year, my 6 year old daughter decided she wanted to be Ninja Stealth Elf from Skylanders for Halloween.
Her costume was pretty easy to put together.
 I sewed some yarn on a black beanie for hair, and then made some green elf ears out of felt. She wasn't interested in any other accessories. In fact I made her round sword things, and she lost them at a Fall Festival, before I had a chance to take her picture.
Sure her face isn't painted green, and she doesn't have belts on her wrists and legs, but she didn't want that. I think she looks pretty good. A few people recognized her, but you have to be a big Skylander fan for that. 
She turns 7 in 6 weeks and with three brothers around she might be done with Princess Halloween Costumes, and since I had 5 brothers I really ok with that.

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