Tuesday, February 24, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Foam Wreath

I didn't like my March wreath last year. So I started from scratch this year. After a couple of attempts I ended up with this.
After looking at my pinterest board for inspiration, I realized I really like striped, black white and green accent. 
1. I tried to pick up some black and white ribbon but all Walmart had was one spool of black and white chevron. Turns out, 9 yards of ribbon only covers a third of foam wreath.
2. I was born at the perfect time to be obsessed with beanie babies, and as an adult I've seen gotten rid of them all, except for my Irish Bear from McDonalds, its named Erin and so I have an affinity for it since that's my middle name. (And my Canadian on from McDonalds.) So I know having a teddy bear in a wreath is only fit for crazy cat ladies, but I still went for it. I have only two other St. Patrick's Day decorations ups and one says LUCKY in three inch letters so I decided I didn't need every room to say Lucky, and what else is Pinterest good for other than mincing others ideas.

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