Monday, February 2, 2015


My oldest son has wanted a countdown for his birthday for years. He always wants to do a paper chain and sometimes we do, but he never keeps track of it, then I have to count those dumb paper rings to figure out how many he should take off and it really just drives me crazy. So for the last couple of months I keep thinking I'll make something permanent. I made it almost in time for my baby's birthday. It has 10 days and we did it for 8. I bought a photo album scrapbook kit thing and just printed off numbers from the internet, then glued them in. The older kids had a blast counting down.

My husband's birthday is two days before my oldest son's birthday. So I knew what was up when my son sheepishly came to me, and said, are we going to count down to dad's birthday? I said nope, only kids. He looked much relieved.

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