Saturday, March 16, 2013

Winter Baby Blankets

These are the exact same baby blankets I always make but for winter babies.
I knew a lot of people who had girls this past christmas season, and a few that had boys too.

My sister in law had daughter, and I was so looking forward to this baby.  I feel like I was waiting for this baby longer than I was waiting for baby A.  Ok I was, because baby A is four months older.  But seriously I've been waiting years for this niece and my baby, I hope they had fun in heaven laughing at their moms.

I can not tell you how much I love this material.

Like I said, boys too.  A friend up the street had a boy.  When I dropped off the blanket she was very grateful, it made me feel good.  Sometimes I wonder why I make these blankets for people, so its nice to know people appreciate them. I've seen the blanket in a few Facebook pictures, like I said makes me feel good.

My cousin and his wife had their first child.  Based on the material obviously it was a girl.

My good friend also had a baby. I saw this material, and I just thought the yellow was perfect for her. I was very nervous about giving her this blanket, because she knows how to sew, and it seems like the harder I try to do an amazing job the worse I do. Thankfully she likes it too, its always on the carseat. This one and the green hippo have flannel on the back.  I guess since they were christmas babies it put me in a cozy mood to use flannel.

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