Thursday, March 7, 2013

St Patrick's Day Rectangle Door Wreath

I made a rectangle St. Patrick's Day wreath for my front door. I love my wreath. I also love that I created it myself, instead of imitated something on Pinterest. I've recently realized most of my crafts lately come from what I see on Pinterest-- it feels good to create my own stuff again.  It was quite happenstance that I made it.  My friend wanted to make a moss covered clover for her door, and so we went to Hobby Lobby.  The moss was a few dollars more than I really wanted to spend. But I was so drawn to the green raffia, I had never seen spring green raffia before.  I decided to buy it, and figure out what to do later.  (BTW, Her clover turned out excellent, it was really cool looking.)  That night my husband was fulfilling his scoutmaster duties on a winter campout, so I was left alone with the raffia.  I ended up using my go to craft supply-- cardboard, and made this wreath. I ran out of green raffia, so luckily I already had plain raffia.

I couldn't resist making more rosettes, so I make another shamrock with rosettes.  Everything I already had other than the raffia.  Each package cost $3, perfect price point for my door.

That story has a happy ending, unfortunately I have another wreath with not so happy ending. This story happens before the previous one.  On February 18, my kids didn't have school, and I wanted a St. Patrick's Day wreath.  I thought I surely have enough supplies at home to make a wreath.  I had bought some Pipe Insulation, for just such an event.  I also found an burlap rice sack, and some green felt, what else would I need?! Perfect right?  No, I hated the wreath, luckily it was free.  Also it turns out foam insulator is a terrible wreath form.  Because it has no form!  The longer it hangs on the wreath hook, the more oval it gets.  I'm done with diy wreath forms, if I want a wreath, I'll get a coupon and go to the craft store.  Naturally something this ugly couldn't go on my front door. So I made the raffia wreath. I think if it had a real wreath form, and a different color green felt I wouldn't have hated it.

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