Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Speaking of Jewelry

My parents were visiting my grandparents this weekend, which means they were in my neck of the woods. And speaking of necks, I had my mom bring her jewelry making stuff to make some necklaces. (I know that was a terrible pun.) While I was with my mother at thanksgiving, I went searching for red beads like this:
I was actually looking for bigger but they got really pricey really quick. So I went cheap which meant small, which actually I think fits me better. (And definitely my husband, big chunky beads on me would not be what my husband finds attractive.)
While I was shopping I feel in love with green beads. I love green. So I bought some for a necklace, and then I had left over so I also made a bracelet, and then I still had left over.
Speaking of not my husband's style, this pair was not to his liking, he said neon green was not his thing. I also think it was a little too chunky for his taste. I bought the neon green as he said it because I really wanted apple green turquoise but it is expensive. The difference was about $6 to $60. I assume it is rarer than normal turquoise.
Then I happened upon this apple green turquoise bracelet. I didn't make this one, but I did restring it while I was making the other ones. My son in one his fits of terrible twos decided to overly stretch the elastic. I can't really be annoyed because it needed a bead out anyway, since I have small bones.
I really love apple green turquoise. I think I'm going to make a ring out of the bead I took off. If I can ever find actual silver jewelry wire instead of copper plated.
For my next project I decided I need to make a similar necklace to the first one with this charm. I was thinking dark blue stones. Its a charm my father brought me from one of his latest trips to Israel. Its some religion's symbol of the third eye.

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