Sunday, January 6, 2008

Oh by the way...

Remember this, how I really wanted it. Well I told my husband too bad its not for sale anymore, or I would beg you for this. Well being the sweet boy he is, he started researching pearls and good deals online. He now knows more about pearls that me. He asked me to pick a necklace out, from Pearls only. I picked this:
Then we figured out shipping was way overpriced from Pearls Only so to make it not so costly for one item he bought me two. He picked this out:
Although he didn't tell me he was getting the second so it was a surprise, and a nice one. He is so sweet. I got two pearl necklaces for my anniversary. I really like both, the first one is much more my style, but I really love the second because my husband picked it out for me. I got him the Bourne Ultimatum for his anniversary present.


  1. Oooh, that 2nd one's more style. I'd take it!

  2. If you need a place to wear your new jewelry you can come and visit me. (There is my invitation.)