Friday, January 18, 2008

Keeping busy with Pink

I am so excited I just finished my valentine's craft. I borrowed the idea from my cute sister in law, who has all the fun ideas. She had a similar love sign like this at her house last year, and I coveted it. I loved it so much it was going to be my first craft upon graduation, and then since it wasn't a timely matter, i put it off until now.
Here is a close up.
In other pink crafts, has been canceled until a later date.


  1. Very cute cover up but I found them not to be very practical. I like to make eye contact with baby but the thingy around the neck makes it hard to do that.

  2. Once I saw a lady at church in the mothers lounge wearing a cover up that had a little plastic window up by her neck so she could look down and see the baby, I thought it was very odd. Yours looks great though.

  3. very cute!!! I have seen these in different styles yours is very cute! I was actually thinking of trying to make one but I am with you I like the blankets you make:)

  4. Hey I just saw this. It was fun visiting you guys.
    And yay for love!

  5. hi I tagged you go to my website and see the details