Friday, August 10, 2012

Girl Baby Things

My friend has been pregnant along side me.  Its been fun, our 6 year olds were in same Kindergarten class together, and so we saw each other every afternoon until the summer.  Her due date was two weeks after me, so we have been at the same stages together.  Plus we were in a competition to see who could be the smallest pregnant lady ever, always arguing who was smaller.  We were both convinced the other one was.
Anyway, I made her this blanket and burp cloths.  I'm missed her shower, because I'm recovering from having my baby.  (I typed this up before he came.) And now that I'm looking at this picture I realize its hard to see what it is.  A blanket with a corner turned up, and three burp cloths, with chenille.
 Oh well, I'm not taking new pictures, here is a close up on the material.

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