Monday, July 25, 2011

Spray Painting Lights

I hate the light fixtures in my bathrooms.  First off, I figure I'm not trying to be a movie starlet from the 20s so why I have those mirror lights.  Second off, two tone gold and silver is not my favorite.  Easy enough to change right?  No soup for me, when you take off the fixture the builders put in a left mount, instead of centering it over the sink. 
 So with the help of my mom we spray painted it a brush nickle and I bought smaller light bulbs.  I'm amazed how most of my lighting problems in this house are fixed once, I get new light bulbs, usually smaller wattage.  The previous owners had three 100 watts in most of the rooms.

Now I got to get cracking on painting the rest of my bathroom vanity light fixtures. One down two to go.

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