Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Couch Pillows

Right before we moved, we bought used couches from a friend for $20.  I know most people would not be so ghetto and not pay to move low priced used furniture.  But it seemed like a good idea for us, we already had a big truck, and we didn't have to waste time during the two precious weeks my husband had here before he went back to Utah for 5 weeks looking for couches. Not to mention they came with brown microfiber covers, which are priced well over $20.  They are also actually surprisingly comfy for old couches, but there was just three problems.  Three rough scratchy upholstery pillows that didn't fit under the slipcovers.
I cut the three pillows open and put their guts instead of this darkish material. I wanted to finish during the 2 year old's nap so I machine sewed the bottom up.  If I would have known what I was doing I would have double layered my pillows.  I didn't because I didn't have enough dark material, and didn't have any plain material, then when I finished I realized I could have used the multiple yards stripe flannel just sitting around, the material is dark enough no one would know what was in the inside.  Life has lately taught me when you double up your material over stuffing, everything is much softer! 
Tah dah!
The full view of the other couch. Yes, the point of the dark pillows was almost to blend it, but not actually.  I didn't want a whole couch full of brightly colored pillows.

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