Friday, July 8, 2011

More Mini Quilts

My daughter was pretty jealous she didn't get a mini quilt.  So I let her pick out the material out of my stores, and she was pretty excited about the light pink the corners so then I picked the material around the pink. Part of the reason I used the black polka dot on my daughter's quilt was she was pretty excited about the pink and black home design items at hobby lobby.  
 Funny how the quilts ended up opposite.  The matching four squares is the light in the boy quilt and dark in the girl quilt.  The only think I know about quilting my mom taught me-- light dark.  You have to put a light square next to a dark square and a dark square next to a light square.  She taught me a lot of other things, but it falls on deaf ears because I can't cut straight and quilting is a lost art with out straight lines.
 Look how happy my child is... homemade sewing means love according to my kids.

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