Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All things Gold

For the Gold Birthday party. 

We decided we needed gold awards, and treasure.  Instead of making all the awards gold, I decided to go frugal and had multiple colors.  They were a big hit everyone was pleased to have one pinned on them.  I of course made them in case there was any question in anyone's mind that they weren't homemade. 
I thought they looked pretty cute on the kids, and I was glad they didn't end up looking girly when the boys put them on.  For treasure everyone got gold crowns, which my son soon took off, for his more unique homemade crown
For the rest of the gold we had a treasure hunt via birthday boy's request.  The treasure they found was their gift bags. I couldn't find any gold gift bags I was impressed with, so instead I took lunch sacks and covered them in gold glitter.  I went with normal brown bags instead of white or anything else because it was a boy's party. The bag was filled with "gold," chocolate gold coins, winners gold metals, big plastic money, all stuff the birthday boy picked out.
I also caught Martha Stewart's article in a recent issue about Number Themed Parties, so we made a big gold 5 with balloons.
We finished the party off with white mini cupcakes with gold sprinkles.  I think mini cupcakes are better for kids, some kids only lick the frosting where other kids can eat two mini cupcakes, the amount of one normal size.
For course the party included a trip to the party store for gold colored supplies like plates and streamers.

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