Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mini Cakes

Mini cakes are my new favorite hobby. I've been interested in mini cakes for a long time now, made my first a year ago, but have recently become obsessed with the functionality of it, especially now that I have two mini (6") cake pans. I use two 6" cake pans from Wilton, with a box mix, then make cupcakes out of the left overs.  I have a beautiful small cake, more than enough cake for us to eat, with just enough left overs.  I freeze the cupcakes providing us with another desert on another day, preferably Monday night.  A mini cake fits on a dessert plate instead of a dinner plate.
Now I don't have to eat a whole cake in one week! I love it.  Plus they are so cute. Notice how that cake is smaller than my child's hand, and he doesn't even have large hands.

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