Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting Girly

This is the first girl thing I've made for my baby. I got the pooh material at DI for $1, and since its blue I wanted to make it girly, so I added the pink blanket satin stuff. I found it challenging to use. I can't turn down cheap classic pooh.

It is kind of a dumb size. Its about 5 inches wider than a stupid store bought receiving blanket that is useful for nothing. I guess store bought receiving blankets are useful if the baby likes swaddling, but my first born only wanted to be swaddled for about 5 days, after that he would fight and cry until he freed himself. I figured this would be a good size to tuck in around the baby in a car seat.
This took me way too long, almost 3 hours, to only machine sew store bought binding. I had issues with the pinning, and then with the machine, and about everything else.
P.S. Turns out it was the perfect size for covering the top of a infant carseat in the winter. We used it every day we left the house, for our winter baby


  1. That blanket isn't nearly as cool as your post about your dream. Where'd it go?

  2. My dream went the way of dreams, and reality hit. Not to mention finances.