Thursday, August 21, 2008

Garage Sale-ing

Saturday we went garage sale-ing and spent a $150. I got another sewing machine. I love old Berninas. It was $65, I'm sure it needs probably at least $70 worth of work, it probably hasn't been touch in years. We got this at an Estate Sale that's why it was so much. And an old abacus for $8, my husband wanted it, I thought it was expensive.
Post Script: I ended up selling it to a sister in law for $65


  1. It really is amazing how quickly a larger house fills up. It makes me wonder how in the WORLD we were fitting into our old place. I really have no idea. With exception of the living room furniture and the guest bed, we have no new furniture, and we're still getting pretty packed in here... and we don't even have kids yet!!

  2. That chair reminds me of the chair you guys had in your house when we were kids in NH!

  3. Liz its because its the same model chair. My parents bought it at IKEA decades ago. Now Ben has that one, and my parents have a suede one.